Laser Engraving Mother of Pearl

I think I’ve got the Laser dialed in for the Mother of Pearl inlay engraving 😀. This is a test piece filled in with black sharpie. I’ll probably use black CA glue for the next ones. Laser is 50w CO2, 200ipm/25% outline (1 pass) + 250ipm/35% Raster fill (1 pass) w/25 L/min air assist. I’m planning to use this for inlay in musical instruments (Banjos + maybe a guitar).

I tried every possible setting but no matter what, I am unable to cleanly cut inlay-thickness (0.050″) mother of pearl. Multiple passes, more power, more air, etc. all were unable to do a good job. The mother of pearl seems to turn to a liquid/powder that keeps the laser from penetrating very far into the piece. #omtech #polar #pearl #inlay #laser

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